Dc California Custom Finish

DC California Drums

The ultra-unique custom crafted drumkits that DC California is creating are shattering the old paradigms governing drumkit construction!

The net result: better sounding drums that feel great to play!

Here are just a few of the highlights:

• 5 ply Toms for a low pitch and long sustain, with consistent 45 degree razor sharp bearing edges for attack. • 5-21 ply Snares and 6-10 ply Bass drums for optimum shell performance! • Bass drum and Snare shells have a perfectly round, flat or 45 degree bearing edge. This is the secret ingredient to the “perfect sound!” • No air-vents, adds more definition and better stick response. • Gorgeous finishes; you’ve got to see them! • DCC Lugs are die cast “custom-machined” and very small. Exacting architecture, engineered into each lug, designed to optimize “shell breathing and response!” • Sort of “sampling your DNA” and adding it to your DCC kit; this is the closest you will ever get to engineer your specific finger-print into a drumkit! • Consult with Iki Levy on each kit; he will help you make all the right choices! He personally oversees the construction of each and every DC California drum-kit!

DC Drums Blog

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